Dimitri Iundt

Trained in photojournalism in one of the most prestigious world press agency, Dimitri Iundt learned the art of photography alongside some of the best known sports figures of our time while covering most major sports events worldwide (Olympic Games, Soccer World Cup, IAAF World Championships, …)


His perfect knowledge of sports, his precision and his sharp eye have made him the elite of sport photography today. His lighting technique and his boldness have propelled him to the rank of most recognized sports photographers: « Fuji Award, Roland Garros Award… »


In 2006, he left the world of press photography in search of renewed creativity and broadened his horizon to other areas such as film, commercial work, fashion.


His story of Usain Bolt in Jamaïca opened the doors to exhibits and at galeries: Galery of Sports Art, Gallery Jean Denis Walter..


Passion for movement is at the core of his work. The beauty of life, challenge, and search for excellence: that is what is photography is all about.

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