Paul Barshon

Born in the hot and sunny climate of Melbourne Australia, taking pictures was all I knew. In sports-mad country, my earliest childhood/teenage memories didn’t consist of football and cricket, but of photographic developing chemicals in my bathroom. This led to the inevitable consequence of my hobby becoming the joy of my working life. I studied photography and film at PSC and went on to establish myself as a reputable commercial photographer.


In 2000 I moved to London where I photographed MotoGP for five years before heading back to my roots in the commercial field. The skills acquired from working on racetracks helped make a natural transition to Automotive photography/video where fast action and aggressive crops bought me to the attention of agencies around the world.


My 14 years in Europe merged my love of automotive and commercial photography and video into a blend of sophistication and style. This style caught the eye of major European automotive brands including Aston Martin, Jaguar, Range Rover, Ducati and Triumph, most of which I still shoot regularly.


In 2014 we packed our bags and moved to Los Angeles for sun and fun! I have firmly put myself and my team in the middle of the automotive industry in the USA where we continue to grow. My style continues to develop into a car lifestyle photographer/film-maker and we continue to lead the development in this style for many automotive brands. My belief in image-creation and storytelling from behind the camera has given me a multi-faceted view of creating images – that coupled with my FAA drone pilots license places me in a unique position of being able to offer all segments of photography and film-making to clients.


Life style

Paul Barshon : Reel

Paul Barshon : Jeep Life

Paul Barshon : Triumph Speed Twin