Coordinators: in-house or on-location.
Interpreters: in-house or on-location.
Pre-production planning, including layouts with designers.
Post production, including retouching, and final print product.
Hair & Make up artists
Photo Assistants


Casting, negotiating and coordinating talent, including fashion models, actors or real people in real situations. 5th Avenue Productions will streamline all aspects of your casting procedure and accentuate your production with exactly the perfect choice for every model or on-screen talent.


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Location Scouting

Our teams are well versed in the wide spread of locations, from traditional corporate and residential or tourist facilities to the most obscure and visually arresting locations in the world. 5th Avenue Productions will arrange all aspects of your location scouting and location management requirements.


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Production Logistics

5th Avenue Productions is well-versed in all forms of production in all media. With more than 37 years experience in Hollywood working with the major studios, and 15 years in Shanghai working with the top world agencies, our teams will deliver unquestionable results, on time and on budget. We specialize in supplying a smooth, effective, cost-efficient methodology for providing the right support for your production.

Equipment Rental

In our Shanghai facility, we provide full access to cameras, lighting and production equipment, as well as film and lab referrals.


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Location Vehicles

When your production requires a team to be on location, 5th Avenue Productions will secure your choice of busses, passenger vans, mini vans, or cars.

Vehicle Props

We have access to countless models of motorcycles, cars, vans and stunt vehicles for your productions.

Concierge Services

Automobile Rentals
Airport Pick Up / Drop Off
International Shipping & Delivery Services